8 Reasons to Send Postcards When Traveling and the Postcrossing Project

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Sending postcards to yourself, to your friends, and family is still relevant in the digital age. Here are the top 8 reasons why you must send postcards when you travel:

1. The Science of Touch.
The study showed that physical materials leave a deeper footprint in the human being’s brain. The power of the physical postcard is stronger, and the memory of whoever sent it becomes part of long-term memory.

2. One of the world’s thinnest souvenirs.
Postcards don’t take up much space. You can collect all postcards you received and create a scrapbook or album.

3. It shows you care.
Sending postcard requires time and effort because you select the postcard, write a message and send it. You make a lasting impression to the recipient.

4. Postcard inspires people to travel.
Postcards make our world bigger, and it creates connections to places. It makes you want to travel whenever you get a postcard from a country you’ve never been to. For other people, the postcard is the cheapest way to see the world.

5. It is your travel journal.
It reminds you of your travels and puts a smile on your face. It also helps in reviving the forgotten art of reminiscing.

6. Postcards lasts longer.
Your children might get their hands on some of your postcards. They will enjoy your travel memories, and they might even sell these postcards to Deltiologists for big bucks!

7. Bonus for Philatelists.
Philatelists will get to collect beautifully printed images, personal messages and stamps.

8. Learning with postcards.
There are fun fact themed postcards that you can send to youngsters. It can be an excellent way of teaching them about places around the world.

8 Reasons to Sends Postcards When Traveling and the Postcrossing.com Project

Did you know?

There is a project called Postcrossing. The goal of the project is to allow anyone to send and receive postcards from all over the world. Through this platform, you can make friends too! Postcrossing has “Travel Mode” option which will allow you to send postcards from your travel destination when you’re temporarily travelling.
Let’s check it out. Just go to www.postcrossing.com

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