How to get a Police Clearance in Imus City, Philippines

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Each city or municipality in the Philippines has the main Police Station where you can get a Police Clearance certificate. You can only get this certificate from Imus City Police Station if you live in the City. I will share the steps on how to secure a Police Clearance certificate from Imus Police Station based on my experience.

Barangay Clearance. To get a Barangay Clearance, you can check my article “How to get a Barangay Clearance in Imus City, Cavite, Philippines.”

Community Tax Certificate
Official Receipt from the Office of the Imus City Treasurer
Official Receipt from the Imus Police Station.


  1. Go to Imus Police Station. At the time of my visit, it is located beside Imus Cathedral and its address as below:
    General Castañeda Street., Poblacion III-A, Imus, Cavite
  2. In the Police station, there is a representative from the Imus City Treasurer. Stand in line and when it’s your turn, pay for the Community Tax Certificate or Cedula and the Police Clearance Application fee. My Cedula cost Thirty Philippine Pesos and the Police Clearance Application fee cost One Hundred Pesos. I think the amount depends on how you are going to use the Police Clearance certificate.
  3. Go outside, a few steps to the right side of the station, look for the Police Clearance Window. Stand in line and when it’s your turn, show your valid Barangay Clearance, Community Tax Certificate or Cedula, the Official Receipt from the Office of the Imus City Treasurer, and the Two Pesos payment for Photocopy Services. The staff will give you a Police Clearance application form which you need to fill in while standing in line for your turn to get your picture captured by them.
  4. When it’s your turn for ID capturing, pay the Police Clearance Fee which cost One Hundred Twenty Pesos. It is possible that you will have to duplicate the Police Clearance application form for some reason.
  5. After they took a photo of you,  just wait outside for your Police Clearance certificate to be ready. The applicant’s name will be called.

If the Police Clearance certificate is to be used abroad, you can not get it on the same working day. It will take two working days if and only if you do not have a derogatory record.

If the Police Clearance certificate is to be used locally, go early to get the Police Clearance certificate on the same working day. If you are late, you might be advised to pick up the certificate on the next working day.

The Police Clearance from Imus City Police Station is valid for Sixty days from the date of issue.

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