Paypal Ukraine Account for Foreigners

Paypal has expanded its services in Ukraine recently. In this post, I will share my PayPal experience from account creation to sending money from Paypal Ukraine to Paypal Philippines.

Foreigners residing in Ukraine can sign for Paypal Ukraine. One must have a Ukrainian mobile number, a Ukrainian bank account and an International passport.

Sign Up for Paypal Ukraine

Step 1. Visit Paypal Ukraine’s website. Click Sign Up and enter your Ukrainian mobile number. A code will be sent and it must be entered into the page to continue the signup process.

Step 2. Enter your email address, first name, last name, a very strong password, and click the Next button to proceed.

Step 3. Enter your Nationality, birth date, and complete address in Ukraine. You should be able to verify the address in the future. PayPal might ask you to submit supporting documents such as utility bills that show the same address you entered in your Paypal Ukraine account. After that, read and agree to Paypal’s terms and conditions, and you are registered!

Paypal Ukraine sign up step 3

Step 4. Once you are in, you need to verify the email address connected to your Paypal Ukraine account. Just open your inbox and click the link in the email sent by Paypal to you.

Verify your Paypal Ukraine Identity

To further verify my account I uploaded my Philippines international passport. Hence, you can also upload your passport if you are a foreigner residing in Ukraine.

Link a Ukrainian Bank Account to your Paypal Ukraine

You must just log in to your Paypal Ukraine account and go to the Wallet section and click on Link Card. On the next page, you need to enter debit or credit card number, card type, card expiration date, security code, card’s billing address, and click Link Card.

I tried to link my Credit Agricole, Bank Aval Raiffeisen and Privat Bank cards and none of them works. I kept getting an error message “There’s a problem with your account. Please go to the resolution center so we can help you resolve this quickly.” Hence, I messaged Paypal Ukraine through the resolution center and informed them about my card linking problem. Paypal support was quick and they got ahold of me. There was a verification through the phone. The agent asked for my name and last name and also the last four digits of the card I tried to link to my Paypal Ukraine account. Then she asked me to log out from my account and log in again. She did something on her end and asked me to add again my card. I tried to add my Credit Agricole card but it did not work for the second time. Hence, I tried again my Bank Aval Raiffeisen card and it worked. There are Ukrainian debit or credit cards that do not work with Paypal Ukraine.

Link Ukrainian bank account to Paypal Ukraine

Confirm the Ukrainian Card Linked to Paypal Ukraine

You must just log in to your Paypal Ukraine account and go to the Wallet section. Click the card you want to confirm and click Confirm card. A special code will reflect in the debit or credit card electronic bank statement This code must be entered into the card verification page to complete the process. Just note that some amount will be charged to generate the code but it will be returned.

Confirm Ukrainian Bank with Paypal Ukraine

Sending Money from Paypal Ukraine to Paypal Philippines

You must just log in to your Paypal Ukraine account and go to the Send section to send money.

I tried sending money from my Paypal Ukraine to a Paypal Philippines account. First, I entered the Paypal Philippines email address of the receiver and then the amount. There is no need to fund your Paypal Ukraine account as the money will be taken directly from the linked Ukrainian debit or credit card. I tried to send 5 USD and the fee was 4.68 USD. You can check the Paypal Ukraine Fees page for more information. In the example below, the receiver in the Philippines received exactly 5 USD. I actually asked the receiver to refund the money as it was for testing purposes only. Once the money was refunded, logically it got credited back to the linked Ukrainian debit or credit card.

Send from Paypal Ukraine to Paypal Philippines

These were my recent experience with using Paypal Ukraine. As of this writing, it is now possible to receive money in Paypal Ukraine wallet and be able to withdraw the money to the linked Ukrainian debit or credit card.

Google Adsense Account Verification for Content Creators in Ukraine

I have been living in Ukraine since the last quarter of the year 2021. I had to close my old Google Adsense account and open a new one with an address in Ukraine. However, on February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. My family and I had to leave our home in central Ukraine. My Google Adsense earning had reached the 10 USD threshold to be able to receive a Google verification code. Once the code is issued, it is very important to verify the Google Adsense account as soon as possible in order for the monetization to continue.

How to verify your Google Adsense account if you fled Ukraine due to war?

There is a quote “If you never try, you will never know.” Hence, you should just ask Google Adsense Support Team to give you an exception. There is an option to chat with a support agent or send them a message through the feedback form. Based on my personal experience using Google’s chat support, they considered my reason as valid and gave me a six months extension to verify my Google Adsense account.

Google Adsense Ukraine PIN verification

How to Get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) for Foreigners in Ukraine

As a foreigner in Ukraine, I need to get a tax identification number (TIN) if I want to open a bank account in Ukraine. My name is Natalia, I am a citizen of the Philippines and I am a permanent resident in Ukraine. My permanent residence permit was granted based on marriage to a citizen of Ukraine. In this post, I will share my experience in getting TIN in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Requirements to Get a Tax Identification Number in Ukraine

  1. Temporary or Permanent Residence Permit ID Card.
  2. Certificate of Registration of Residence or in Ukrainian, it is called “Довідка про реєстрацію місця проживання особи.”

Note: Both documents need to be photocopied.

Where to get the Tax Identification Number in Ukraine

My husband and I went to the nearest tax department office based on the address stated in my Certificate of Registration of Residence. In Ukrainian, a tax department’s office is called “Державна податкова инспекция.” We arrived at the office and there was a local receptionist who helped us print the service priority number based on our purpose of visit which was to secure a TIN. Our priority number was called and we were directed to enter a specific room number. In the room, a lady met us and gave us a form to fill in. In Ukrainian, the form is called “Форма № 1др” or “Облікова картка фізичної особи – платника податків.” I asked my husband to fill in the form for me. He wrote my name in Ukrainian and English language and all the rest were written in Ukrainian.

I gave the filled-in form back to the lady. She told us to come back after five working days.

It takes five working days to process a TIN in Ukraine

My husband and I came back to the tax department’s office. As usual, the receptionist helped us get a service priority number to collect the TIN. Our priority number was called and we were directed to enter a specific room number. In the room, a lady greeted us and gave us a book to sign my name and signature. After that, she gave me a piece of paper that shows my Ukrainian Tax Identification Number and that’s it.